5G service will take education system to next level, PM says at launch of Mission Schools of Excellence

Prime Minister Narendra Modi receives a warm welcome from Gujarat teachers as he arrives in Gujarat to launch a school of excellence initiative and various other projects.

Prime Minister Narendra is on a two-day visit to Gujarat from October 19-20. During his visit, Modi will also lay the foundation stone for projects worth around Rs 15,670 crore.

The Prime Minister will attend five different events in Gujarat on Wednesday including the inauguration of DefExpo22 in Gandhinagar, followed by a launch in Adalaj and visits to Junagadh and Rajkot.

Latest updates:

  • “Previously we studied via regular blackboards, now we have smart classrooms in our school. It’s funny! We are learning more now,” the students said, after interacting with PM Modi at the launch of Mission Schools of Excellence in Adalaj, Gandhinagar.
  • Prime Minister Modi starts a speech in Junagadh, Gujarat and says, “Glad to be in Junagadh, the foundation stone of various projects is being laid which will greatly benefit the citizens.”
  • Indian Army Chief Engineer Lt Gen Harpal Singh salutes PM Modi for laying the foundations of Deesa Airfield. He says when it is operational, it will bridge the gap between Bhuj and Uttarlai, Rajasthan. It will take place in 2 phases with a total cost of Rs 1000 cr, he added.

• Speaking at the launch of Gujarat Government’s Mission Schools of Excellence initiative in Adalaj, Gandhinagar, the Prime Minister said the recently launched 5G telecommunications service will take the education system to the next level in the country.

He pointed out that knowledge of English was considered the mark of being intellectual even though the English language is only a means of communication. “5G service will go beyond smart facilities, smart classrooms and smart teaching. This will take our education system to the next level,” the prime minister said. He advocated the use of local languages ​​to ensure that those who are not comfortable with English are not left behind. “Previously, knowledge of the English language was considered a mark of an intellectual. In reality, the English language is just a means of communication,” the prime minister said.

• Prime Minister Modi launched ‘Excellence Mission Schools’ in Adalaj. He was greeted by cheering crowds who showered with flower petals upon his arrival.

“The change in Gujarat over the past two decades in the field of education is unprecedented. Twenty years ago, 20 children out of 100 did not go to school. A lot of those who went to school used to drop out by the time they reached standard 8. The situation for girls was worse,” he said. “There were villages where girls didn’t go to school. In the tribal areas, the few education centers that were available had no facilities for teaching science.

• The Prime Minister laid the foundation stone for a new upcoming airbase in northern Gujarat near the Indo-Pakistan border and said it would become an effective hub for the country’s security. Speaking after the inauguration of the Defense Expo 2022, Modi also said that the defense forces will release a list of 101 additional items which cannot be imported. With this 411, defense related goods can only be procured locally, he said, adding that the upcoming Deesa Air Base in Banaskantha in North Gujarat “will become an effective center for the security of the country. “.

• Talking about making India’s defense industry self-sufficient, the Prime Minister said, “Today, Indian defense companies are becoming an important part of the global supply chain. We have fast growing defense corridors in Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Many jobs will be created for young people in this sector.

• The Prime Minister addresses the public at the launch of DefExpo22. He said: “The nation’s largest defense exhibition to date marked the emphatic start of a new future. I know it has also caused inconvenience to some countries, but several countries with a positive mindset have come with us.

“This is the first defense exhibition in which only Indian companies are participating,” he added. “There is hope for the world, there are cooperation opportunities for friendly countries. I am delighted that when India shapes these future opportunities, 53 India-friendly African nations stand side by side with us.

• The Prime Minister inaugurated DefExpo22 at the Mahatma Mandir Convention and Exhibition Centre, Gandhinagar. The Indian pavilion of the expo is to be inaugurated soon by the PM.

According to the Prime Minister’s itinerary, he will first inaugurate DefExpo22 at the Mahatma Mandir Convention and Exhibition Centre, Gandhinagar. The Expo, which will be held under the theme “Path to Pride,” will have the largest attendance ever at the expo, according to a statement from the PMO. At the Indian pavilion of the exhibition, he will unveil the HTT-40, the indigenous training aircraft designed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). The aircraft has contemporary state-of-the-art systems and was designed with pilot-friendly features, the statement said.

During the program, he will also launch the “DefSpace Mission”, aimed at developing innovative solutions for defense forces in space through industry and startups. He would later lay the foundation stone of Deesa Airfield in Gujarat. The forward airbase will add to the country’s security architecture, he added.

• At noon, the Prime Minister will launch the ‘Mission Schools of Excellence’ in Adalaj, after which he will lay the foundation stone for various development projects in Junagadh.

• The Prime Minister will later inaugurate a three-day “Indian Conclave on Urban Housing” organized by the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs in Rajkot. The ministry said the event will provide a platform for all stakeholders to demonstrate their technologies as well as deliberate on various technology, material and process options for wide-scale adoption.

The Prime Minister will also dedicate and lay the foundation stone for several key projects in Rajkot, after which he will inaugurate the Innovative Building Practices Exhibition there.

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