Are skills becoming a priority in our education system?

Skills development is required

Today’s world demands an education based on skills rather than degrees or diplomas. In this 21st century, skill-based education is most important, but our education system is more centered on teaching. Yet we rot the child by learning and writing exams on the one-year program. It is very important to teach children a skill-based education from an early age, as it has a positive impact on their future. Skills-based education promotes greater independence through high-level thinking and also contributes to faster learning with multiple ways to absorb information. Competency-based education will certainly guarantee better and more productive human resources. Children are better able to grasp and acquire new skills at an early age and when exposed to new experiences through skill development, they become more creative and imaginative. Competency-based education also develops an art of learning.

-Narra Jyothi Basu, Assistant Professor, Indira Mahindra School of Education, Mahindra University, Hyderabad

A qualified graduate will have a bright future

The education system should focus on developing skills rather than degrees. The degree can help anyone get a pass for a job interview to some extent. But, ultimately, a graduate’s skills play a major role in their recruitment. A qualified graduate will have a bright future in his career and should rise to the top in his chosen field. Many multinational companies that offer lucrative packages are banking on a person’s industry-ready skills rather than degrees and percentage. These companies look for pure skills during campus selections. The need of the hour is skills-based education. It is imperative to focus on developing skills rather than producing graduates by the thousands.

-K Kiran Kumar, Associate Professor, NIT, Warangal

Skills development should be encouraged

Since my childhood I hear that India is a developing country even after 30 years our country is still in the list of developing countries due to the leaders nelson eye on the field of education . This pitiful situation is due to the lack of skills and communication skills. First, this problem must be solved by introducing an adoptive education system with 80% practice and 20% theory. At the same time, the Minister of Education of the Center and the States should be an academic and be appointed by the President and the Governors of the respective States.

-A Bhaskar, law student, Nalgonda

Students need to develop skills

Knowledge, skills and attitude are three important areas in which a student should be educated in Outcome Based Education (OBE). The industry buzzword these days “disruptive innovation” compels students to give so-called “skills development” the importance they deserve. With the type of technological revolution that the current era visualizes, one must always be vigilant and train with the appropriate skills throughout the career to keep it sustainable and safe. The ability to teach and the passion for teaching used to be enough. But today, a faculty must be well versed in presentation skills, active learning techniques, and the use of internet and online platforms for online teaching in the current scenario. Therefore, I strongly emphasize training in developing student skills.

-Kesava Vamsi Krishna V. Associate Professor of Physics, Malla Reddy Engineering College, Hyderabad