Better and cleaner toilets are in the works, the Ministry of Education wants to make schools more conducive to learning

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Datuk Mohd Radzi Md Jidin, the Chief Education Minister, said school construction projects overseen by the Ministry of Education will prioritize designs that are accommodating, low maintenance and have a positive effect on students and educators.

Malay Mail said it underscored the need to ensure that every penny of the cost budgeted by the government is put to good use and that any new schools built prioritize basic infrastructure issues which can impact meaningful to the people who use them.

Parents and teachers have complained about the poor condition of the school’s bathrooms, which is the result of inadequate ventilation.

Datuk Mohd Radzi Jidin

Radzi added that they will review the design and construction of the school’s toilets to eliminate unpleasant odors and ensure they are clean.

Our toilets are always damp and the students are afraid of seeing their clothes ruined.

Datuk Mohd Radzi Jidin

According to The Star, at yesterday’s ‘Fueling Education Transformation: Safe And Conducive Infrastructure’ press conference at Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah, he said that some students even skip breakfast because they don’t want to use the school toilets.

The school toilets remained damp all day due to insufficient ventilation, he said, adding that the design of the windows would be reconsidered to make them more durable.

Radzi further said that efforts would be made to ensure that the process of building and maintaining the schools is financially viable.

“We want basic yet impactful school designs so that every penny is put to the best use,” he continued.

Mentioning that school repair works can be time consuming, he said the government is working to reduce maintenance time.

We will improve the processes involved

Datuk Mohd Radzi Jidin

He said the ministry has received reports of infrastructure developed by private contributors that was unsafe due to a lack of security criteria.

“The ministry must then step in to restore the donated facilities at great expense,” he added, adding that the land status of the affected schools must first be settled in order to allow for the development of future infrastructure buildings.

He pointed out that 30% of land legalization issues involving 2,000 schools across the country have been resolved so far.

The student’s voice

A large number of people on Twitter shared their views on this particular topic. Some people have expressed displeasure that their school toilets lack running water, have no locks on the doors, and have problems with the flushing system, among other issues.

Some mentioned that they discreetly use the teachers’ toilets because they have better facilities.

A Twitter user suggested the school get rid of squat toilets, install and maintain proper bidets, and refill toilets with paper towels or toilet paper.

However, some people have claimed that maintenance or layout issues are not to blame. Instead, the problem is in his attitude.

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