BJP MP admitted education system is flawed in Gujarat: AAP chief

Ahmedabad, May 30 (IANS): Gujarat Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Isudan Gadhvi said on Monday that while the BJP is trying to claim that Gujarat’s education system is very good, its lie has now been exposed.

Gadhvi was referring to a statement made by BJP MP for Bharuch Mansukh Vasava while addressing schoolchildren in Rajpipla, causing a stir in political circles in the state.

“The level of education in Narmada district is very low. I also have evidence that the level of education has gone down. Only a few young men and women from Gujarat are selected as IAS or IPS officers. IPS in Gujarat due to In banks in Gujarat, less than 1% of management positions are held by Gujaratis,” Vasava said.

Reacting to Vasava’s statement, Gadhvi said tuition fees in private schools were increasing day by day, while public schools in the state were in worse shape.

“Seeing the deplorable state of the education system in Gujarat, Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia had to visit Gujarat. He visited the schools and appealed to the government to improve the education system, but the government of Delhi BJP never believes in any positive change,” Gadhvi said.

“BJP MP Mansukh Vasava has now himself admitted that the education system in Gujarat is flawed. There are no proper public schools in the state where children can study,” the leader said. of the PAA.

“The state government estimates that there is a shortage of rooms in 18,000 schools while more than 700 schools are run by a single teacher. But the education minister says if you don’t think this just go to Delhi. Is Gujarat your domain “Why do Gujaratis have to go to Delhi for higher education? If everyone has the right to a good education, then why not Gujarat,” said Gadhvi asked.