Compulsory ‘love education’ course for college students wins support in China

A proposal to include the values ​​”love and marriage” in the curriculum of all universities and colleges is gaining momentum in China.

The member of the National People’s Assembly (APN) had previously recommended that family education be take a compulsory course in higher education to encourage “extensive and enthusiastic cultural activities on campus” and guide students in establishing “the correct view of love, marriage and family”. The proposal received support from the Chinese Ministry of Education.

In March, NPC Deputy Huang Xihua introduce a motion to professionalize the field of family education and teach middle school students the skills necessary to maintain family relationships.

The proposal, which includes teaching students “an important basis for national development, national progress and social harmony,” has become a trending topic on Weibo.

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There are those who believe it would help normalize conversations about love and sex.

“Love is not a taboo subject,” sex education specialist Liu Wenli told the South China Morning Post. “When children have curiosity and needs, discuss this topic with them naturally with a positive and open attitude.”

According to a provincial newspaper, a poll recently revealed that nine out of 10 university students expressed support for a course on romantic love.

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A majority of respondents expressed that they wanted to learn how to resolve differences with their partner and deal with the end of a relationship.

Some of the common issues they mentioned include confessing their love, getting along with their partner, and maintaining long-distance relationships.

Critics, however, questioned whether college professors were credible enough to teach young people about relationships.

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“First, we should strengthen the psychological training of college teachers,” said a Weibo user.The morality of the teachers comes first… It will not be too late to educate the students after educating the teachers.

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