Delhi districts improve performance rating index scores on school education system

Many districts in Delhi have improved their scores in the school education system over the past two years, according to data released by the Union Ministry of Education’s Performance Grading Index (PGI) for Delhi’s districts. ‘India. The reports for 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 released on Monday assess the performance of the school education system at the district level by creating an index for comprehensive analysis on different parameters.

Each district is assigned scores out of a total of 600 points across 83 indicators grouped into six categories: achievement, effective classroom transaction, infrastructure facilities and student rights, school safety and child protection, digital learning and governance process.

Interestingly, the districts of Delhi fared better in the Digital Learning category, compared to other states. In the 2019-2020 report, no less than 180 districts scored below 10% on digital learning, 146 districts scored between 11% and 20%, while 125 districts scored between 21% and 30%. All Delhi districts scored above 25 out of 50 in this category. The digital learning category includes metrics such as the percentage of schools equipped with computers and the Internet for educational purposes, and the percentage of teachers trained in the use of computers and teaching through them.

The districts have been classified into different grades according to their performance: Daksh for those who obtain more than 90%; Utkarsh for those between 81 and 90%; Ati-uttam for those between 71 and 80%; Uttam for those between 61 and 70%; Prachesta-1 for those between 51 and 60%; Prachesta-2 for those between 41 and 50%; Prachesta-3 for those between 31 and 40%; Akanshi-1 for those between 21 and 30%; Akanshi-2 for those between 11 and 20%; and Akanshi-3 for those below 20%.

The report for 2018-2019 had placed 2 out of the 9 districts of Delhi, namely West A and North West, in the Ati-uttam category and the remaining seven in the Uttam category. For the year 2019-2020, the number of districts was increased to 13, of which 7 were placed in the Ati-uttam grade. New Delhi, North, West B, South West B, East and South West A districts had improved their points and moved up in this bracket.

Districts that achieved the Ati-uttam grade mostly improved their scores in the Outcomes, Effective Classroom Transaction, and Governance Process categories. For example, the Northern District’s score went from 410 to 427. Its score for Outcomes went from 153 to 159, Effective Classroom Transaction from 81 to 83, and Governance Processes from 73 to 79.

No district in India was ranked in the Daksh grade, while three districts in Rajasthan were given the Utkarsh grade.