EdTech Monday to Discuss Building a Resilient Education System – KT PRESS

EdTech Monday will return this Monday with experts from the Ministry of Education and Internet Service Providers explaining how the country can move towards building a resilient education system.

Edtech is an educational program sponsored by the Mastercard Foundation Center for Innovative Teaching and

Learning in ICT and Rwanda ICT chambers and broadcast every last Monday of the month.

The June 27, 2022 episode which will be hosted by radio host Natasha Kamanzi will be broadcast live on KTRadio and YouTube channel Kigali Today from 6-7 p.m. will focus on the implementation of a Ministry of Education directive making reference to the message of Minister Dr. Valentine Uwamariya delivered a speech at the Mastercard Foundation Ministerial Forum organized by the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning held in May in Kigali, Rwanda.

This episode will discuss “Harnessing the power of technology to create resilient education systems” highlighting the main points of the Minister’s message, including connectivity in schools, trainings

for teachers, parental involvement and private sector engagement to ensure accessibility of educational technology in Rwanda

Minister Uwamariya, who was scheduled to appear on the show to highlight this resilience plan, will not be available, but the same question will go to other guest panelists, including Clement Uwajeneza, Managing Director of RwandaEquip- a government transformation program Rwandans to make the country’s grassroots education system globally competitive and Christian Muhirwa, CEO of Broadband Systems Corporation (BSC) – a technology company and broadband internet provider advancing Rwanda’s mission to become the ICT hub of Africa.

RwandaEquip will explain what they are doing to ensure teachers are able to deliver lessons using technology and BSC will detail what they are doing to close the connectivity gap in Rwandan schools and make it affordable and accessible to every student and teacher.

Referring to the effects of COVID-19 and experience on the Rwandan education sector, the two panelists
guide listeners through the measures that should be put in place to create resilient education systems in Rwanda using technology, particularly in the event of a potential global disaster or pandemic.

In the audience-engaging show, host Kamanzi will also give listeners the opportunity to narrate the situation on the ground in their school. They will indicate whether teachers have enough digital skills to deliver lessons using technology and give recommendations on the way forward.