Educational institutions should be included in the National Education System Bill

Jakarta. A group of state university chancellors and prominent education figures on Tuesday demanded specific mention of the educational institution for teachers, or LPTK, in the bill on the national education system. .

The bill fails to mention the LPTK, raising concerns about the future of the all-important institution.

“In our view, the National Education System Bill should explicitly include articles on LPTK because later phases such as explanatory sections of the law, government regulations and ministerial orders will ultimately refer to this special law,” said Enggartiasto Lukita, president of the Alumni Association of Indonesian University of Education (IKA UPI).

He made the remarks after a meeting with 12 chancellors of state universities formerly known as the Institute of Teaching and Education, or IKIP, in Jakarta.

Enggartiasto argued that LPTK plays a pivotal role in the national education system as it is the only institution authorized to provide teaching certification for elementary and middle school levels.

But the former trade minister also asked the government to assess and improve the quality of the growing number of LPTKs. He said the issuance of LPTK permits should be regulated in the new law to ensure a quality education system in accordance with the current situation.

LPTK operators are ready to improve and adapt to changes, including the introduction of a new program, he said.

“We are ready to do it. LPTK can rewrite [curriculum] and evaluate because LPTK operators are qualified people,” Enggartiasto said.

The gathering also sought to provide valuable information to the government regarding the parameters and conditions necessary for the establishment of the LPTK so that it can produce quality teachers, he said.

Enggartiasto reiterated President Joko Widodo’s key message that the education system should focus on human development and help provide new entrepreneurs and a professional workforce.

“We at LPTK share an interest in shaping the National Education System Bill to become results-oriented before it is enacted into law. We are fully aware that the regulations of the education system in an archipelagic country as large as Indonesia is never an easy task,” said Engratiasto.

The Indonesian University of Education (UPI) graduate said he thought the bill was well-prepared, but needed fine-tuning.

The group will soon submit its recommendations to the government and the House Education Committee, he added.

Here are the recommendations agreed upon at the gathering:

1. The amendment to the National Education System Act requires thorough and comprehensive revisions.
2. Rushing to draft the national education system law will not produce visionary legislation and will in turn impede the progress of national education.
3. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology should set up a working committee on the National Education System Bill with the participation of all stakeholders to design the sheet national education route and draft the bill.
4. The government should provide a residential education system for LPTK teachers to achieve efficiency and produce quality teachers.
5. The government should include the LPTK as a key part of the National Education System Bill.