Emphasis of India’s new education policy is Indianization of the education system: Deputy Minister

INDORE: Against allegations of ‘saffronisation of education’, Minister of Higher Education, Dr Mohan Yadav told reporters that the central objective of India’s New Education Policy (NEP) is Indianization of the education system.

In order to integrate Indian culture in education, besides Ramcharitmanas, the department also planned to integrate Bhagwad Geeta into the second-year undergraduate curriculum, he told reporters on Wednesday.

“If I talk about the crest in the history of those born in India, what will I do wrong, what crime will I commit? Lord Ram and Lord Krishna were born in India if there is anyone else please let me know I will try to include them,” Yadav said pointing out that the ancient texts are added for reinforce the Indian roots and the glorious past.


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He added that no other religious scriptures will be included in the program as the roots of the country are in India and not outside the country. However, equal opportunities will be given in terms of languages ​​and students will be encouraged to learn in their own mother tongue as the focus is on promoting mother tongues, Yadav said.

Apart from ancient scared texts, life stories of Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar, Raja Bhoj, Vikramaditya, etc. will also be included in the program.

Yadav said that the Directorate of Higher Education has already required all government and private colleges in the state to obtain accreditation from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

“NAAC visits have been made to no less than 47 colleges and we are making sure the colleges get everything they need from our end,” he said.

According to Yadav, in Madhya Pradesh, there are about 11,000 faculty positions of which 6,500 positions are permanent through the Public Service Commission (PSC).

“We had invited applications for 1100 positions of which 900 were pending positions. We have recruited faculty members and within three years all vacancies will be filled,” said Yadav, who also added that the department had already notified the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) for the recruitment of assistant professors.