Experts call for an overhaul of the education system

The regular presence of errors in the examinations for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) and other major examinations in the country underlines the urgent need to revamp the country’s education system, have said academics.

They said institutions that train teachers are partly responsible for the errors, as they persist even though teachers and moderators have received training.

Candidates and their tutors have recently expressed concern over several errors and controversial questions in ongoing HSC exams. Similar concerns have been raised by students taking SSC exams, who have also seen some exams suspended due to paper leaks.

A student told Dhaka Tribune, “Many of us prepared well but still worry about whether the exam went well because there were mistakes in the quiz.”

Another student said it was hard to believe that exam papers would be properly graded when the questions themselves had errors.

Guardians said the mistakes were worrying because poor assessment would harm their children’s higher education and job prospects.

Professor Shaikh Ekramul Kabir, a member of the 2010 education policy formulation committee, said that the occurrence of these errors, leakage of question papers and communal issues are evidence of the huge gaps that exist in the sector. education.

He said, “Institutions that train teachers are also responsible because such incidents occur even after giving proper guidelines.”

Professor Kabir stressed the need for careful selection of teachers before their appointment.

“We need qualified teachers who can inspire talented students to join the teaching profession after completing their higher education,” he added.

Former Dhaka Education Board Chairman, Professor Ziaul Haque also called for the appointment of ethical and qualified teachers.

The Bangladesh Examination Development Unit (Bedu) was established by the Ministry of Education in 2002. It monitors how teachers assess examination papers and provides training for them.

Speaking to this reporter, Bedu officials said that those involved in preparing the questionnaires were properly trained and that they must have personal motives for preparing such questionnaires.

Robiul Kabir Chowdhury, Bedu’s Senior Specialist (Examination and Assessment), said, “We provide sufficient training and logistical support to follow international standards by training master trainers across the country.”

He added that teachers have received specific training to write questionnaires for board-level exams as well as internal exams.

“During the training, we also provided a guide for teachers on what to avoid and what to accept as questioners,” Prof Robiul Kabir said.

Shamima Akhter, a specialist (review and assessment) from Bedu, said incidents like the recent controversy could only be stopped if there was a change in the mindset of moderators and questioners.

Errors and Question Leaks in SSC Exams

The SSC exam started on September 15 this year. Examinations on four subjects – Mathematics (109), Chemistry (137), Physics (136) and Agriculture (134) – under the Dinajpur Board of Education have been suspended due to leaked papers.

Students at a Narail center under the Jessore Education Board were given questions on the second Bengali paper for the review of the first Bengali paper. The school board later canceled the exam.

There have also been confusions of questions in the Physics and Bangladeshi History and Civilization exams at Mothertech Abdul Aziz Higher Secondary School of Dhaka Board of Education.

In all Dhaka Board centers, the exam was to be conducted on the 4th set of questions, but both exams were conducted using the 2nd set, which was prepared for the old syllabus.

The Dhaka Board examines the accounts of all students who have taken the exams separately.

Errors, confusions in HSC questions

In the ongoing HSC exams, the first paper in Bengali for Business Management and Technology (BMT) under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board has been postponed due to printing errors in the papers.

The technical council was forced to postpone the exam because the creative questions were formulated according to the old curriculum for the students of the new curriculum.

Apart from this, the second Bengali article showed some numerical and linguistic errors in questions number 1, 2 and 3 of the HSC exams under the Dhaka council.

Frequent numerical and linguistic errors were also found in exam papers from previous years.