Federal Minister inaugurates STEM education system in Baloch

Federal Minister of Science and Technology Agha Hasan Baloch inaugurated the STEM education system in Balochistan on Thursday. The inaugural ceremony was held at the Nawab Ghaus Bakhsh Raisani Government Upper Secondary School for Girls, Quetta. The President of Pakistan Science Foundation, Secretary of Education of Balochistan, Director of Science, Director of GSP and School Principals also attended the ceremony.

Addressing the ceremony, the minister said that the Pakistan Science Foundation launched the STEM education system for the first time in Pakistan. “I commend the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Pakistan Science Foundation for making this vision a reality,” he said, adding that under the project, fifty laboratories in public schools across the country would be developed along modern lines and converted into a mini system. fablabs.

He noted that training modules on STEM education were being prepared for grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 with an integrated pedagogical approach. Teachers in these schools will be trained on STEM modules jointly designed by China and PSF, he said. The federal minister said he believed that the success of the STEM project would depend on the cooperation of all stakeholders, government departments, especially the designated STEM schools in the province, could play an important role in this success.

He said that the intelligence of our youth is our strength and we should make full use of this intelligence for the development of our society. STEM education opens the way to this development. One day, the project will become the lifeline of our country’s education system, he concluded. On this occasion, the president of the Paki-stan Science Foundation assured that the scientific caravan was taking place across Balochistan. He secured all possible support from the Pakistan Science Foundation. Previously, the principals of ten schools received checks under the STEM program.