HSBC will hold a FinTech training course for employees

HSBC will provide thousands of its employees with tailored training in the latest fintech developments in partnership with Oxford University’s Saïd Business School

Steve Suarez, global head of innovation at HSBC, said the pace of growth in fintech, which includes cryptocurrency and blockchain, over the past few years means organizations need to upskill their people, beyond those working directly in digital and technology roles.

Specifically designed for HSBC, the Fintech 101 training program will provide foundational knowledge on emerging technologies and how to use them.

Suarez says: “The pace of technology-driven change in the financial services industry is rapid, so we want a wide range of employees, beyond our specific digital teams, to have a high level of understanding of technologies. financial.”

FinTech 101 is based on the Oxford Fintech curriculum. Selected content was drawn from online programs, to include up-to-date and relevant examples, particularly on digital disruption and platforms, as well as AI and open banking.

Rita Martins, Head of Fintech Partnerships at HSBC, said: “A strong relationship between HSBC and fintech companies helps us deliver more forward-looking solutions to our customers. The Oxford Said Business School program is a key part of the training we provide to enable employees across the bank to gain a deeper understanding of the fintech economy, so they can identify and develop new opportunities.”

Eleanor Murray, Associate Dean for Executive Education at Oxford Said, said: “We are seeing a growing demand for training in this area, as businesses strive to keep up with the rapidly changing world of fintech. Our Fintech 101 will help equip HSBC staff with the knowledge to take advantage of technology and develop new digital products and services for their customers.”