India’s education system on the road to transformation with the introduction of NEP: Dharmendra – Udaipur Kiran | Latest news from Udaipur

Kolkata, April 17: On Education, Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Sunday stressed that India’s education system is on a path of transformation with the unveiling of the National Education Policy (NEP), 2020. Addressing the 121st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Bharat Chamber of Commerce here, Pradhan said the NEP has focused on developing students’ practical and comm cantive skills from an early age to create seamless connectivity between academia , industry, policy makers and society. He said the policy also recommends putting more emphasis on “mother tongue”, which will develop the capacity for critical understanding in students. After the meeting, Pradhan said, “Had exclusive interaction with prominent members of the Bharat Chamber of Commerce and an elite group of industrialists from West Bengal representing a diverse spectrum including oil, gas, l steel, cement, paper, engineering and retail.” Pradhan, who also holds the skills development and entrepreneurship portfolios, urged veteran industrialists present at the occasion to encourage the next generation to become job creators and not job seekers. He said this would reverse the brain drain that the Indian economy is currently experiencing. Speaking on the growth of the Eastern region, the Minister said that the “Eastern Cargo Corridor” and the Purvodaya mission are expected to bear fruit soon. Against the background of the geopolitical situation on the world stage, the Minister pointed out that the Indian economy could also having to deal with the repercussions of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. However, India is now one of the “emerging voices in world affairs and will not be dominated by other superpowers”. In the context of Eastern India’s growth, Pradhan said, “Eastern states have a population of 36 crores. The region has one of the highest labor resources which also supports the industrial ecology of other states”. Speaking on the AGM’s theme “Empowering Youth: Education, Skills Development and Entrepreneurship”, Pradhan underscored that while the pandemic has brought about severe upheaval, on the other hand, the period has marked a incredible increase in the number of innovators, who have converted the challenges of the pandemic into links of opportunity. As a result, 14,000 startups have been registered in India during 2020-2021 and 83 of them have already been converted into maize, the minister added. Pradhan observed that India is on an accelerated growth trajectory registering positive growth in basic sectors. In addition, the government is aligning its policies and undertaking initiatives to overcome the challenges of inflation and unemployment that have followed the pandemic and global conflicts. In his welcome speech, Chamber Speaker Ramesh Kumar Saraogi suggested that job opportunities for graduates need to be improved, especially for engineering graduates. BM SJC