Inspection: “The education system must be improved”

WILLEMSTAD – Curaçao’s education system needs to be improved and strengthened. This is the opinion of the education inspector Rubia Martina-Bitorina following an inspection investigation.

A baseline measurement took place last year. According to Martina-Bitorina, it is important to map the current situation if you want to implement changes. Research on the state of education has been conducted in three ways. Documents were studied, schools were visited and discussions were held with stakeholders.

The academy inspector gave an overview of the first results of the investigation during the press conference on Wednesday afternoon. For example, Martina-Bitorina says that the ministry is already well advanced with regard to the link between education and the labor market. The points that remain to be worked on are financing and efficiency. For example, the merger of school boards and the closure of empty buildings are being considered. The investigation is expected to be completed in May.

In addition, Minister Sithree van Heydoorn for Education, Science, Culture and Sport (OWCS) wants to pay attention to naturalization. A computer room will be open in September 2021 where digital courses will be given. Since 2008, some 1,311 people have been naturalized. Most of the citizens came from the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela and India.