‘Internal transformation’: PM outlines strategies to improve Jamaica’s education system

Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The Ministry of Education and Youth is in the process of setting up the internal units necessary to carry out the recommendations set out in the “Jamaica Education Reform Report 2021”.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness made the announcement during a face-to-face public meeting at Jamaica College, St Andrew on Friday.

He also revealed that the recruitment process for a Chief Transformation Officer has begun.

The Prime Minister noted that this “will be an important step in the journey of transformation”.

In addition, the Education Transformation Oversight Committee, led by Dr Adrian Stokes, has already been established.

Holness, who stressed the importance of implementing the recommendations, said the government remains committed to its mission to transform education in Jamaica.

He maintained that this company will revolutionize the sector and encouraged the actors of the ministry to “appropriate the process of transformation”.

The Prime Minister indicated that the existing ministry framework needs to be modified to effectively facilitate the reform process.

“The transformation must be internal. The ministry itself must embrace transformation. The ministry itself must see the benefits of the transformation…and the people in the ministry must lead the transformation,” he stressed.

Additionally, Holness said that “we are on the right track with the new transformation report”, urging the nation “to understand that the government is serious about this, and we will act with great help to transform our education system. “.

Developed by the Jamaica Education Transformation Commission (JETC), the report is a blueprint for establishing a comprehensive strategy to improve student performance and education productivity across the sector. .