Israeli schools short of nearly 6,000 teachers – Ministry of Education

The Israeli Ministry of Education announced on Sunday that there is currently a shortage of 5,671 teachers, with the Tel Aviv region experiencing the greatest deficit.

The biggest shortage, according to ministry data, is in elementary schools, where there are 2,351 teachers missing, The post of Jerusalem reported.

“We are at the height of a shortage of human resources which has only worsened in recent years and seriously endangers the future of Israel’s education system,” Israeli Education Minister Yifat Shasha said. -Biton, just a month later. and a half before the start of the school year.

The upper classes are short of 1,245 teachers, while the special education sector is short of 1,103 staff. The situation is a little better at the college, where the ministry reports a deficit of 855 educators. The kindergartens would lack 117 teachers.

While schools in the Tel Aviv area face the biggest staff shortage with 1,847 educators, the center of the country follows with 1,642 missing staff. There is also a shortage of 457 teachers in the Haifa area and 305 in the Jerusalem area.

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Among the most deficient educational professions, the ministry listed English teachers, math teachers and Hebrew teachers.

“For years we have been denouncing the intense shortage we are experiencing,” the union said, again urging the government to raise teachers’ salaries and improve their working conditions.

Earlier in June, the union staged a series of nationwide strikes demanding a starting teacher’s salary be $3,069, while Israel’s finance ministry insisted on $2,514.