LETTER: ‘Sorely lacking’ education system needs attention

“I suggest it’s time to look at where our money is going and what results it is bringing. Possibly a forensic audit, ”says the author of the letter

BarrieToday welcomes letters to the editor at [email protected] Please include your phone number and daytime address (for verification of authorship, not publication). The following letter from Innisfil resident Gordon H. Crawford is in response to an article titled “Teachers’ Union backs Barrie-area applicants who back OSSTF education plan,” published May 10 .


It seems like the world has pretty much gone mad.

We have a situation in Ontario where we seem to be losing nursing professionals due to burnout and lack of support. Hospitals need to be built, but the candidates suggest they will add hundreds of new doctors and many new nurses.

OSSTF suggested that now is the time for candidates to listen to this union’s new plans. Highways are suggested in areas that have shown impact on our environment just to satisfy developer greed as well as the suggestion to add more teachers last heard maybe something in the neighborhood of 80,000 so that class size can be kept strictly capped at 20 students.

In my opinion, our shortage of nurses has occurred primarily because of our provincial government’s unwillingness to listen to our nursing professionals. The government, which I think gave them a shitty sandwich on the one hand, calling them heroes, but on the other hand ignoring the fate of their current situation.

In light of this, does anyone really believe that we will have an influx of nursing professionals working under current conditions?

Do any of you out there have any idea what impact these plans to build new roads through valuable farmland and wetlands will have on your future? Things like groundwater flow, drainage, etc. If you consider many areas affected by flooding, many of these sites were once swamps or wetlands.

And then the teachers. I guess I should mention that my school years started in the 1950s and yes, my class had well over 28 students. The vast majority of us were able to graduate, could read, write, understand, and master math enough to manage our homes, manage and build businesses, and be an asset to our society.

The suggestion now is to cap at 20 our students will benefit. Really?

Canada was once highly rated for academic skills, but where are we now? According to the latest figures available, our education system seems to provide us with a whole generation of illiterate souls, and not just in grammar. As a business owner, the obstacles we face when trying to hire young people are absolutely frightening. The last one I hired couldn’t even clean a side yard properly and yet demanded the highest payment.

I agree that our education system is sorely lacking. However, does more money guarantee better results? Please provide some examples. The compensation our educators are receiving is already ruining our province and the end result is far from adequate. Moreover, in their eagerness to grasp more, our educators leave huge holes in areas like our health care that need to be filled.

All of us who have run businesses know that you can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. If you do…your business will not survive. When was the last time our educators came up with new ideas that actually worked? In my opinion, it is time for the Department of Education to “take over” the system.

We have all heard about the lack of transparency in the education process, wasteful school administration at the board level, and lack of direction.

A perfect example of our educators’ lack of vision has come during the pandemic. Councils were waiting for the province to offer solutions. Are you suggesting that these people, many of whom earn over $200,000 a year, could not think things through and work with the province and provide options? Isn’t that what they were hired for?

I am not saying that Ontario is spending less on education. I suggest it’s time to ask where our money is going and what results it is bringing. Maybe a forensic audit. I think it’s time, don’t you?

Gordon H. Crawford