Maine launches new black bear trapping education course

Trapping is an important aspect of managing Maine’s black bear population. A new course seeks to cultivate the method of harvesting.

Trapping is Maine’s most regulated outdoor sport. Anyone who has taken a trapping course in Maine knows that the activity strictly follows best management practices for the welfare of the target animals. Today’s trappers must do it precisely by the book of the law and more ethically than previous generations of trappers. There have never been so many microscopes on trappers as there are today.

A new course offered by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife aims to expand the use of trapping to harvest black bears. According to IFW, “To better educate, prepare, and remove barriers for those interested in black bear trapping in Maine, the MDIFW has updated bear trapping license requirements and developed a training course. black bear trapping education.” The new course is offered online or in person.

With the new changes to the law, black bear trapping licenses can be obtained if:

  • You have successfully completed a Maine Trap Education Course, dated after 1978. The Maine Trapping Course focuses on trapping furbearers and black bears. Or if you ever held a Maine bear trapping license before 2022.
  • You have completed the new Black Bear Trapping Training Course online or in person.
  • Or you can trap the bear under the direct supervision of a licensed hunting guide who has successfully completed the Maine Black Bear Trapping Education course.

If you are applying for a trapping license or black bear trapping license for the first time, you must purchase the license in person at the IFW office in Augusta. Another option is to send a application by e-mail or post.

Trapping license renewals, including bear trapping license renewals, may be purchased online.

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