Minister NyaLonje says social dialogue is important for setting standards in education system – Malawi Nyasa Times

Education Minister Agnes Nyalonje said social dialogue between government and teachers’ unions is key to setting education standards, developing policies and designing programs that foster a decent work environment for teachers and create a functioning education system.

Nyalonje was speaking at a 23rd Congress of the Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) in Lilongwe on Thursday. She observed that it is not unusual for disagreements to arise between the two parties.

NyaLonje during the official opening of the TUM congress

“Aspirations of teachers and government can always coincide and it is also difficult to find adequate resources to meet our national education needs. What is important throughout the engagement of both parties is that there is openness and honesty with each other about intentions and that they treat each other with respect,” he said. she observed.

Behind all interactions, she said, government and teachers have a common will, which is to develop a strong education system that meets the needs of all children and young people supported by a respected teaching profession across the country. national level and up to the expectations of his profession.

She assured that the government of Tonse will continue its activities ranging from the construction of classrooms, teachers’ houses, water, toilets, the purchase of teaching and learning materials, the promotion distance and learning, teacher recruitment, improved administration and public sector reforms.

TUM General Secretary Charles Kumchenga said the union appreciated the government’s efforts to improve the quality of education in the country.

“We also appreciate an open door policy instilled within the ministry,” he said.

Kumchenga, however, pointed to a number of challenges teachers still face that require immediate government intervention.

Some challenges include retention of arrears, promotions, recruitment of teachers to meet teacher-student ratio, rural allocations and Covid-19, among others.

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