Ministry of Education approves continuation of RUSA program until 2026

The Ministry of Education has approved the Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) program for continuation until 2026, officials said on Friday.

RUSA is a centralized program (CSS) for funding the state’s public universities and colleges to achieve the goals of equity, access, and excellence.

The proposal involves an expenditure of Rs 12,929.16 crores of which the central share is Rs 8,120.97 crores and the state share is Rs 4,808.19 crores. It was envisaged to support around 1,600 projects under the new phase of the programme.

“The new phase of RUSA aims to reach unserved, underserved, remote and rural areas, challenging geographies, aspirational districts, Tier 2 cities, low TBS areas, benefiting the most disadvantaged and SEDGs (Socio-Economically Disadvantaged groups),” said a senior ministry official.

“The new phase of the program has been designed to implement some of the recommendations and objectives of the new education policy, which suggests key changes to the current higher education system to reorganize and reinvigorate it and thus offer an education higher quality, with equity and inclusion,” the official added.

Under the new phase of the program, state governments will be supported for gender inclusion, equity initiatives, ICTs, improving employability through professionalization and skills enhancement.

“States will also be supported to establish new Model Degree Colleges. State universities will be supported for multidisciplinary education and research,” the official said.

“Grants will be provided to strengthen accredited and non-accredited universities and colleges to undertake various activities including teaching-learning in Indian languages,” the official added.