Ministry of Education approves new civic vision | Arts & Hobbies

New Vision Civics, by Joanne Simpson, has been approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture as necessary for the education system.

“The cover provides context for Jamaica’s social, economic and political development. It examines our journey through challenges and highlights our many victories, which are used as inspiration,” Simpson said. “It is difficult to imagine democracy without a solid civic education.”

Simpson describes the book as a composite of his life’s work and an update on Jamaica’s civic affairs, trends and its response to global issues such as environmental stewardship, alternative energy, climate management water and COVID-19.

“Civic education in school is an excellent genesis for creating an informed society and a healthy democracy,” she said. “Civic education in schools and in society at large is a major social intervention because an informed society is easier to govern and promotes greater stability in the country.”

New civic vision has been approved by the Department of Education as a civics textbook for grades seven through nine; a resource book for students of history, social studies and culture; as well as for teachers in training.

It is available at Kingston Bookstore and Sangster Bookstore and major outlets in Jamaica. Digital books are also available at