Ministry of Education closes loopholes to prevent exam leaks

THE Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture has tightened security to minimize exam leaks, Minister Anna Nghipondoka has said.

Speaking at the National Assembly last week on Thursday, Nghipondoka noted that after the unprecedented leak of question papers last year, the ministry has revisited all risky areas.

“All safety and security measures have been reviewed once again to be strengthened. Training has been provided at all levels to sensitize all actors and officials on possible pitfalls and areas of concern with the strategic method of preventing any dishonesty,” the minister said.

The minister was responding to questions from Lukas Hamata of the People’s Democratic Movement, who wanted Nghipondoka’s assurance that last year’s incident would not happen again this year.

Several year-end examination papers for Namibia Higher Secondary Certificate – Legacy of Grade 12 and Namibia Higher Secondary Certificate have been leaked.

This has forced the Ministry of Education to change the school calendar by closing schools earlier to allow regions to prepare for the national exam early this year for the subjects that have been affected.

Hamata also asked if the ministry had prepared alternative questions in case of another leak.

“Backup question papers are ready and available for any eventuality, which we do not expect if all actors and stakeholders comply with established rules and regulations for the engagement of national exams,” the minister said.