Ministry of Education hires new teachers in Sulu

CITY OF COTABATO: Some 294 newly hired teachers in Sulu were sworn in on January 8, when the Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education (MBHTE) signed the new teacher appointments at Sulu National High School.

There were 183 appointed teachers at the elementary level, 103 at the lower secondary level and 8 in the alternative learning system.

The Member of Parliament (MP) Prof. Sahie Udjah, with verbal authority given by Minister MBHTE Mohagher Iqbal, administered the swearing-in ceremony.

During his speech, MP Udjah highlighted Law No. 70 of Bangsamoro or “Bangsamoro Education Code”, a law providing for the creation, maintenance and support of a comprehensive and integrated education system of quality in the Bangsamoro.

“We would like to highlight the beautiful feature of Bangsamoro Law No.70, the law mainly drafted by our own minister Mohagher Iqbal. This law embodied our aspiration for the children of Bangsamoro to have a bright future which is the result of a quality education, ”Oudjah said.

“You are now part of the sector of the Bangsamoro people (who) will offer a bright future to our children, to your future children,” he added.

On the other hand, Sulu School Division Superintendent Kiram Irilis reminded newly hired teachers to do their duty diligently as they are now part of the regional government’s “moral governance” advocacy.

“Make a promise that you will diligently do service under the law of the Republic of the Philippines, under the government of Bangsamoro,” Kiram said during his speech.

The new teachers also underwent an orientation right after the signing of their appointments and the swearing-in ceremony.