Ministry of Education must ensure school admissions are fair – Dujon

Human rights defender, Miss Felicia Dujon, has called on the Ministry of Education to make secondary school admissions as fair as possible to safeguard its integrity and that of the educational institutions it administers.

His statement follows news of the unfair admission of at least two students to St. Joseph’s Convent (SJC), despite not achieving the required points for admission.

Reportedly, a student was accepted into SJC because her guardian was a teacher at the school.

In another case, a senior Ministry of Education official whose daughter was enrolled at Leon Hess High School used his position in the Ministry to secure a student transfer to SJC.

Dujon not only argues that there is a breach in educational placement protocol, but that it violates the integrity of individuals who work tirelessly to ensure that every child has a fair chance at the best educational opportunities. .

“This particular case highlights the unfortunate nature that has dominated the education system in Saint Lucia, whereby attending a particular school provides certain types of benefits and privileges over others,” Dujon remarked.

The situation, she adds, further reinforces inequalities that may have occurred in the past when students were placed in certain schools based on their parents’ social or political status in society.

“What happened to the student zoning? If this has happened now, how many other students have had such opportunities while others have been denied the school of their choice? »

Dujon calls on Education Minister Shawn Edward to ensure fairness, fairness and equal opportunity remain at the forefront of educational institutions on the island.