Ministry of Education orders inquiry into Rajasthan Governing Council’s 12th Question Paper featuring questions on Congress achievements

Following the Rajasthan Board 12th Class Political Science Examination which had six questions related to the Congress, the current ruling party in the state, the Ministry of Labor Education requested the government to l ‘state to comment on the issue. Of the six questions in total about Congress, most of the questions were about the achievements of the political party, which is highly unusual for a class 12 exam.

The exam, held on April 21, asked “Who gave the slogan of Gareebi hatao?” », « Describe the social and intellectual alliances of Congress », « How many seats did Congress win in the 1984 elections? », « Which political party dominated the first three general elections? “The general election of 1971 turned out to be an election for the restoration of Congress. Explain this statement,” etc.

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In accordance with the letter from the Department of School Education and Literacy of the Ministry of Education sent to the Additional Chief Secretary (School Education), the Government of Rajasthan has requested that any comments or inputs from the Government of State be sent to this department regarding the questions asked about the political party in the examination paper, reported the main news daily.

Meanwhile, academics say that since there’s a political science chapter on “The Dominance of a Political Party and Congress System: Challenges and Establishment,” asking about the ruling party is normal. , however, it was the tone of the questions praising the party that raised eyebrows.

The class 12 political science paper also contained a question related to the bifurcation of the Communist Party and another on the BSP.

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Earlier, during the CBSE class 12 sociology board review, a question was asked regarding the ruling party in the state – the BJP – linked to the Gujarat riots of 2002. The question however was canceled later and students who answered the question were given pardons. The central council had said the question was “inappropriate”.

The 12th RBSE exam started on March 24 and ended on April 26. More than 9 lakh students take the Rajasthan Board class 12 exams every year. Last year, no less than 91.96% of students passed the exam in the science stream, 94.49% in the business stream and 90.70% in the arts stream.

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