Ministry of Education sets up 13-member committee to help integrate Ukrainian students into Ghanaian universities

The committee chaired by Dr Nsiah Asare, special adviser to the president on health issues, has four weeks to submit its report to the Minister of Education.

The committee is made up of representatives from the Student Representative Council (SRC), Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Ministry of Health, Higher Education Commission of Ghana (GTEC), Medical and Dental Council, Ghana Scholarship Secretariat, Vice Chancellors of Medical Schools, Rector of the College of Physicians and Surgeons among others.

The agenda of the meeting was to update and explain the essential issue at stake, and to discuss plans for the immediate integration of Ghanaian medical students from Ukraine into Ghana’s medical education system. .

Speaking at a stakeholder consultative meeting on Ghanaian medical students displaced from Ukraine, in Accra on Friday, Dr Adutwum urged the team to work hard to ensure students are placed in schools where they could well continue their studies.

He reminded the committee to be innovative in their findings and also consider creating a pathway for some of the students who might have weaknesses in certain areas of their studies so that they can cope with the Ghanaian education system.

The Minister of Education urged the committee to work hard and ensure that all students are placed in one institution or the other so that they can continue their studies.

Dr Adutwum, Member of Parliament for Bosomtwe in Ashanti Region, assured all parents to be patient and have faith in the government as it has worked very hard to secure schools for the students.

He said that everything was being done to ensure that the government’s dream of reaching the 40% gross enrollment rate in higher education (GTER) mark would be achieved by 2030.

Dr. Nsiah Asare, on behalf of the committee, pledged to work hard to ensure that the students would be placed in the required institutions so that they could continue their studies.

The Russian-Ukrainian war that started a few months ago has affected many people in various ways. One of these people are Ghanaian students studying in Ukraine who have to run for their lives and are now looking for help to get back to school to continue their education.