Ministry of Education solicits input from Ministries for National Curriculum Framework

The Ministry of Education is looking grab ministries for the FNC

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Ministry of Education asked other union ministries to send their contributions and suggestions for the National Curriculum Framework, FNC. With the NCF, the ministry will define the main orientations of the school program and its revision. Some of the union ministries have already sent in their suggestions for the framework.

The process of developing a national curriculum framework was initiated by the National Council for Educational Research and Training, NCERT in accordance with the National Education Policy 2020. In accordance with the NCERT, there will be 4 types of NCF. These are –

  1. National Curriculum Framework for Early Childhood Care and Education – NCFECCE
  2. National Curriculum Framework for School Education – NCFSE
  3. National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education – NCFTE
  4. National Curriculum Framework for Adult Education – NCFAE

The creation of the NCF is overseen by a 12-member national steering committee under the leadership of K Kasturangan, former head of ISRO. According to officials, many states and union territories have already begun providing feedback and suggestions to NCERT and the Department of Education based on the focus areas mentioned in CIP 2020.

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While soliciting comments, the Ministry of Education has also asked other ministries in the union to appoint nodal officers to ensure the policy-making process runs smoothly. The Ministry of Science and Technology has suggested the inclusion of topics such as Traditional Knowledge, Vedic Mathematics, Coding, Patents, Intellectual Property Rights, IPRs as part of the curriculum.

The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, MoEFCC, suggested adding topics such as urban biodiversity and protection, climate change and the role of forests, circular economy, ecotourism, zoonotic diseases, biodiversity heritage sites and more.

The Department of Housing and Urban Affairs also provided input to the Department of Education for the NCF. MoHUA suggested including topics related to waste management and sanitation.

Union Minister of Education, Dharmendra Pradhan will also release the mandate document today, April 29, regarding the National Curriculum Framework. The terms of reference document will describe the framework process, its structure, its purpose and the basic principles of NEP 2020 as they relate to the four frameworks.