Ministry of Education Supports Ideas That Uplift Nigerian Workforce, Minister Says | The Guardian Nigeria News

…as the founder of GetBundi pays a courtesy visit

Minister of State for Education, Rt. Hon. Goodluck Nanah Opiah, said the ministry will support private sector programs aimed at educating Nigerians and uplifting the country’s workforce.

The minister made the promise when GetBundi founder Osita Oparaugo visited him to introduce him to the educational technology (EdTech) platform.

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GetBundi, an EdTech platform, is designed to deliver high-quality, engaging and accessible STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) courses focused on six years of post-primary education as well as STI (Science, Technology and Innovation ). ) skills.

While congratulating the founder of GetBundi for his vision, Opiah said that no nation or society can progress beyond its education because “education serves as a springboard for development”.

“The Nigerian education system emphasizes preparing its children for the responsibilities of citizenship and national development, hence the National Policy on Education recognizes education as a quintessential instrument for the engineering of national change, character building and sustainable development,” the minister said.

He reiterated that the ministry would do everything in its power to support GetBundi and any other private sector-led initiatives aimed at educating Nigerians and uplifting the workforce, saying it was part of the ministry’s objectives. within the framework of “education for change: a ministerial strategic plan”. MPS)’.

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Earlier, Oparaugo briefed the minister on GetBundi’s vision, why it is focusing on STEM courses at post-primary education level, as well as digital skills vocational institute aimed at upskilling 10 million Africans by 2032 and beyond to create inclusive and sustainable technology-enabled development.

“Our STEM courses are based on the West African curriculum for secondary schools and can be used as teaching aids, to support lifelong learning for in-school students, and as a study guide for out-of-school students. It can also be used to prepare those who sit for competitive exams such as WASSCE, NECO exams and the Unified Higher Education Matriculation Examination run by JAMB,” Oparaugo told the minister.

The founder of GetBundi said that professional STI digital skills courses focus on coding, graphic design, cinematography, video editing, digital marketing and cybersecurity as the first development.

“We have a vision to up-skill 10 million Africans in 10 years, 2023-2032. We have labeled this plan as ‘The GetBundi VISION 2032’,” he explained.

He thanked the minister for the audience and assured him that GetBundi would provide not only young Nigerians but also young Africans with a future of unlimited opportunities.