Ministry of Education to advise on disciplinary action in student brawl

Disciplinary action is set to be taken following a violent assault on a student by another schoolgirl after school hours in Williamsville on Monday, June 6.

The knife attack, which left a student with a large facial wound and other wounds to her face and arm, is under active investigation by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) .

The test was filmed.

The Ministry of Education noted that the principal’s report into the incident was received on Tuesday and that a decision on disciplinary action should be communicated to the school and parents by the end of the day.

In light of Monday’s incident, the Director of Education has re-issued guidelines as outlined in Education Act 39:01 and the Department of Education’s National Schools Code of Conduct to for Principals, which summarizes current measures to deal with incidents of violent behavior in schools.

Students who commit serious offenses while in school uniform, whether on or off school grounds, face the maximum penalty of expulsion from school. school. This applies to students engaged in combat that results in serious injury to other people or the handling of dangerous weapons.

Principals were also reminded that all incidents of this nature should be reported immediately to the nearest police station and the Ministry Executive. The TTPS has indicated that it will bring the appropriate charges in all of these circumstances.

The Ministry noted that although the school discipline matrix is ​​being revised, the provisions of the current National Code of Conduct are maintained and must be strictly adhered to.

In addition, the Ministry of Education wished a speedy recovery to the injured student and offered the services of the Student Support Services Division.