Ministry of Education urges citizens to participate in citizen survey to prepare new curriculum

Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan called on citizens to participate in the citizen survey on the National Curriculum Framework for the development of a new curriculum. He said a dynamic national curriculum framework in line with the National Education Policy-2020 will play a major role in realizing Viksit Bharat’s goal.

Pradhan further stated that the development of a dynamic, inclusive and futuristic national curriculum framework is essential to embed cultural grounding in a global perspective, free education from colonial hangovers and instill a sense of of deeper pride to our future generations.

The Ministry of Education solicited public input through an online public consultation survey for the formulation of the National Curriculum Framework and subsequently the design of curricula, textbooks and other materials educational.

The government announced the National Education Policy in July 2020, which recommends improving the quality of the education system through the development of a National Curriculum Framework.

The framework process was initiated by the establishment of District Consultation Committees, State Focus Groups and State Steering Committee, National Focus Groups and National Steering Committee.

A technological platform (website and mobile application) has been developed for the execution of large-scale and paperless works. Using the bottom-up approach, district-level consultations, mobile app-based surveys, state-level consultations through state focus groups and the state steering committee have been carried out by States and UTs to reach out to stakeholders such as parents, Anganwadi workers, teachers, teachers. educators, students, etc. at the local level and collect their views and opinions on the future of school education, early childhood care and education, teacher training and adult education.

All stakeholders including teachers, principals, school leaders, educators, parents, students, community members, NGOs, experts, public representatives, artists , artisans, farmers and anyone interested in school education and teacher training are invited to participate in this online survey being conducted in 23 languages, including the languages ​​of Schedule VIII of our Constitution.

Link to participate in the online survey: