Ministry responds to criticism of education system bill

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta The head of education standards, curricula and assessment at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, Anindito Aditomo, said Wednesday that the National Education Bill system or RUU Sisdiknas will continue to be improved.

His statement comes in response to widespread criticism against the regulations of the Teachers’ Welfare Supervision Bill.

“This project is just a government suggestion that will be discussed with lawmakers. This means that the project will continue to be improved based on the inputs obtained during the session,” Aditomo said on August 31.

He argues that the project on benefits for teachers certified as educators, which has been implemented so far, is seen as an obstacle to the government’s attempt to provide a better income for all teachers.

“Teachers would have to stand in a long queue to get certificates just to be able to receive benefits,” he added.

He explained that certification and the granting of benefits initially served two different purposes. Certification aims to ensure quality, while the granting of allowances aims to improve the well-being of teachers.

Because certification is used as a condition for granting stipends, he said, there are currently about 1.6 million teachers who have been unable to receive stipends. “With the concept proposed in the National Education Bill on the system, in the future certification will only apply to prospective teacher applicants,” he said.


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