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Chester Morgan, Technical Director of the SVG Athletics Team

Chester Morgan, technical director of Team Athletics SVG and one of SVG’s athletics coaches at this year’s Carifta Junior Games, is calling for a paradigm shift in the education system here.

Essentially, Morgan wants the system readjusted to accommodate students who are into sports.

Morgan made the call as he delivered brief remarks at the welcoming ceremony to celebrate the performance of the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) team at the Junior Carifta Games 2022 in Jamaica over the weekend. -end of Easter.

Speaking directly to three government ministers, namely the Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar; Education Minister Curtis King; and National Mobilization Minister Frederick Stephenson, who were present at Argyle International Airport (AIA), on Thursday April 21, Morgan explained: “We have all the high schools doing the same subjects, the same thing , but we don’t have the same group of children, so it’s time we met our children’s needs”.

Taking his argument one step further, Morgan said, “It is time we moved on to what Saint Lucia is doing… We have enough talent, enough human resources at home to start a sports school.”

Morgan was referring to the Saint Lucia government’s decision in 2019 to establish a sports academy.

The Sports Academy provides students with an academic foundation, life skills, as well as the opportunity to specialize particularly in football, cricket and athletics. Additionally, there are courses in coaching and media arts.

Noting that the Saint Lucia Sports Academy is proving to be a successful endeavour, Morgan added that Lucia’s only medalist at this year’s Carifta Games is a member of that academy.

The last time Saint Lucia won a Carifta medal was in 2015; there were no Junior Carifta Games in 2020 and 2021.

In addition to his position as Technical Director of Team Athletics SVG, Morgan is also Director of Coaching and Camps for the North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletic Association (NACAC).