Nationwide Modernization Shows Education Department’s Commitment to Improving Delivery System, Says Deputy Minister

KOTA KINABALU: Facilities under the Ministry of Education nationwide will be upgraded in line with its commitment to improving education in the country.

Deputy Minister of Education II Datuk Mohamad Alamin said that the upgrade works include facilities such as Teacher Training Institutes (IPGs), schools, etc.

“Upgrading and improving…aims to improve the level and quality of the education delivery system as well as provide students with a conducive learning environment,” he said after phase II of the IPG Gaya administration, the multi-purpose hall and the auditorium building. award ceremony here on Friday (April 1).

He said improved facilities would provide a safer and more comfortable workspace for teachers and administrative staff, which could indirectly improve their work performance.

“The ministry is committed to upgrading these facilities across the country,” he said.

Mohamad said the ministry always strives to ensure that the study and learning sessions take place without bias and stress.

Speaking on the handing over of the building’s facilities, he hopes that the trainee teachers will make full use of the facilities provided to improve the quality of their work and careers and in turn provide the best education to the students.

“May you … produce skilled, skilled, innovative and visionary human capital,” he added.