NCF Mandate Document Addresses ‘Decolonization of Indian Education System’: Dharmendra Pradhan

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan released the NCF mandate document

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New Delhi:

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan released the “Mandate Document: Guidelines for Developing the National Curriculum Framework (NCF)” on Friday, April 29. According to the minister, the mandate document of the NCF is the constitution to uphold the changing demands of the 21st century. “The mandate document will lead to a paradigm shift with emphasis on holistic development of children, emphasis on skills, vital role of teachers, learning in the mother tongue, cultural grounding. is also a step towards the decolonization of the Indian education system,” the minister said while addressing the occasion. The minister called the national education policy a “philosophy” and the national curriculum framework a “path”.

The minister solicited input from every Indian for the NCF mandate document and advised to create an app to enable the process. Appreciating the experts, scholars and intellectuals behind the process, the Minister said, “India’s education model based on the NEP 2020 will set the benchmark for emerging economies across the world.

The Ministry of Education outlined some of the important features of the mandate document, and according to it, the NCF mandate document enables the critical link between the schools curriculum and the teacher education curriculum as an integral part of the reforms transformations envisioned by the NEP 2020. The mandate document also informed lifelong learning opportunities for all citizens of the country, the Ministry of Education statement said.

For the development of the National Curriculum Framework, the ministry consults with teachers, head teachers, Anganwadi teachers, teacher trainers, parents, community members and multiple stakeholders. In addition to these consultations, the NCF will also fully report on other initiatives such as NIPUN Bharat, the National Mission for Basic Literacy and Numeracy of the Ministry of Education, it says.

The launch event was attended by Dr. K. Kasturangan, Chairman of National Steering Committee for National Curriculum Framework, Dr. Ashwathnarayan C.N, Minister of Higher Education, Government of Karnataka, Dr. BC Nagesh, Minister of Primary and Secondary Education. , Government of Karnataka, Mrs. Anita Karwal, Secretary, Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education, other dignitaries.