Nearly 200,000 Ukrainian children in Polish education system – The First News

Lech Muszynski/PAP

Nearly 200,000 refugee children from Ukraine have been integrated into Poland’s education system, the country’s education minister said on Wednesday.

Przemyslaw Czarnek told Polish Radio One that of the 200,000 nearly 40,000 had been admitted to kindergartens, around 140,000 to primary schools and nearly 20,000 to secondary schools.

He added that most of the children studied in mixed classes with Polish students and that around 40,000 attended preparatory classes.

Asked about the number of remaining children who are out of school in Poland, while almost 700,000 are thought to have arrived in Poland, Czarnek said: “According to the calculations of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education, around 500,000 of Ukrainian children in Poland take part in distance learning with Ukraine.”

“We knew from the beginning that some Ukrainian children in Poland would like to continue to be part of their education system,” he added.

Referring to allegations that refugees from Ukraine have had easier access to public services, he said this was false and the education system was an example.

“A total of 200,000 children have entered the Polish education system, with no priority of any kind over Polish children,” Czarnek said. “This education system has been prepared in such a way that it does not interfere with the Polish education system, and it does not interfere with Polish children in any way.”