Open to contributions concerning the bill on the national education system: ministry

We will always be open to contributions and notes from different stakeholders to enrich and provide more complete information.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology is open to ideas and opinions on the National Education System Bill (RUU Sisdiknas), according to Secretary Acting Ministry of General Directorate of Higher Education, Research and Technology Tjitjik Sri Tjahjandarie.

“We will always be open to contributions and notes from different stakeholders to enrich and provide more complete information,” she said during the National Education Seminar, entitled “Study and refinement of the bill on the National Education System”, hosted by Jakarta State University and completed online. here Thursday.

According to Tjahjandarie, the bill itself is in principle a measure taken by the government to create a more ideal and integrated educational system, from the institutional system to the teaching profession.

“We want to integrate the National Education Act, the Teachers and Lecturers Act and the Higher Education Act into one Act to carry out the mandate of the 1945 Constitution on the education system so that the provisions do not not overlap,” she said. .

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Tjahjandarie also said that the National Education System Bill has been drafted with the aim of being more flexible and less rigid, so that actors in the education sector can innovate by keeping up with developments.

“Of course, with the development of the existing dynamics, the development of science and technology and regulations, as well as the existing standards at the national and international level, there must be a spirit of change in order to be able to face the transformation civilizational, which is currently becoming faster and very dynamic,” she added.

Apart from this, the bill also aims to improve the independence of state universities, improve the governance of private universities and recognize the qualifications of teachers’ work, in line with international rules.

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She also said that the ministry has opened a channel to welcome input from all stakeholders regarding the National Education System Bill, including through the page.

According to Tjahjandarie, the contributions of various stakeholders will be studied to become the basis of the government in formulating and designing the bill, so that it is better and able to bring benefits in accordance with the interests of educators.

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