Our education system still has a lot to learn

The education system in Bangladesh has undergone vast changes in recent years, marking a slow and steady progression towards general strengthening.

While there have been many positive developments, it is important to remember the many areas where the system is lacking and how we must continue to work on whatever improvements are necessary to ensure that our education system produces the kind of citizens that Bangladesh really needs to make its mark on the world stage.

The Ministry of Education has taken constructive steps towards this end, such as the introduction of a new curriculum for primary and secondary students, where students will not have to take exams until the third year. This is certainly the right step forward, and it promises to alleviate much of the unnecessary pressure on students and shift their education towards a more learning-based approach.

However, it should be remembered that this is the bare minimum, as it is.

Creating a learning-based environment for students is only the first step; we must ensure that they also receive the appropriate care needed to lay the foundation for further development.

As such, our educators are undoubtedly the key players who can help shape young minds and realize their true potential, and should be provided with the necessary resources by the administration. In this case, facilitate training programs for teachers – such as the recently launched “Esho Shikhi” program – can provide appropriate guidelines as to what methods work best for students to learn effectively.

Bringing quality education to where it needs to be will not only ensure a brighter and more successful future for our students individually, but will also enable them to collectively move the country forward in its quest for development.