People invited to enroll in the Clinical Pastoral Education Course at Kerry University Hospital

Registration is now open for a 12-week Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) course at University Hospital Kerry (UHK) starting in January 2023.

The course takes place at UHK’s CPE center and is structured to prepare people for hospital chaplaincy through education, supervision, and clinical placement.

The course is suitable for those interested in pastoral ministry, including those working with groups in pastoral settings, religious formation or those who simply wish to ‘take a break’ from their careers to follow a different path.

CPE has been around since 1925 and is a proven framework. The course is designed to educate people about person-centered care with a focus on education, faith and spirituality.

Dr. Margaret Naughton is a health care chaplain and associate supervisor of CPE at UHK. Margaret explains that the CPE is perfect for anyone interested in hospital chaplaincy and for those who wish to learn more about themselves.

“It is suitable for people who are interested in living faith or spirituality in a different way. It’s also a chance to add a different dimension to an existing role,” she said.

“The more we know about ourselves, the more effective we are when traveling with other people. CPE is advantageous for someone who works in palliative care, teaching, nursing, etc., because it deepens our ability to listen, to be present and to move towards a person-centred approach,” Margaret said.

For further details please contact Margaret on 066-7184000