Private school warns Covid-19 rules have brought the education system closer – The Royal Gazette

Updated: March 24, 2022 9:33 PM

Advocacy: Linda Parker, principal of Bermuda High School (file photo)

The principal of a private school and its president tonight called for an easing of Covid-19 restrictions for children and warned that the education system was close to breaking point.

Linda Parker, the director of the BHS, and Celia Powell, the chair of the board, said schools in both the private and public sectors were suffering from the fatigue of the battle of Covid-19 and could not endure stricter restrictions anymore. long time.

The two added that the island was “far behind the rest of the world when it comes to restrictions on schools and our youngest citizens”.

Ms Parker told the parents of the children at the school that she and Ms Powell had written to Health Minister Kim Wilson and Education Minister Diallo Rabain expressing their concerns.

The letter said safety rules imposed over the past two years had resulted in a “huge increase” in teachers’ and administrators’ workloads and affected children’s ability to learn.

He added: “We are witnessing the negative social and emotional impact on our students, the learning gaps that arise and the continued stress on our staff and BHS families.

The letter warned, “We can only imagine these results being replicated in the public school system and we are confident that all schools in Bermuda feel that we are simply unable to sustain these stringent measures any longer.”

Ms Parker and Ms Powell thanked ministers for their work on the pandemic and insisted it had been appreciated.

But they added: “The chorus gets very loud for the need for change.

“We believe now is the time to step away from these strict regulations – our families demand it and we can no longer pretend we are just ‘following the rules’.”

The letter pointed out that BHS and other private school principals had submitted a joint submission to revise the phases of the pandemic in the education system.

He said Mr Rabain had hinted that changes to the restrictions would be announced soon.

The letter adds, “We sincerely hope that our collective suggestions have been taken into consideration and will be reflected in this announcement.”

He stressed: “We are not suggesting a full return to normal as we understand we are still in a pandemic.

“However, we are not in the same position as in 2020, or even 2021, and the approach should reflect that reality.”

The letter told ministers: “Please bear in mind our serious concerns for Bermuda’s students, teaching staff and families when updating the regulations.”

The health and education ministers were invited to comment.