Rwanda: Ministry of Education to change system despite exam demands

The Ministry of Education will modify the system of registration and publication of national examinations.

The new system to be implemented next year was announced by Education Minister Valentine Uwamariya and it comes as the ministry has sparked controversy with thousands of students complaining about a unfair rating.

“I want to assure the public that next year we will use a new system to record and publish national exams,” the minister told national television, Rwanda Television.

Commenting on complaints lodged by some candidates following a recent announcement of national exam results, she admitted that the current system is prone to inefficiencies and therefore errors which could have led to poor grades being awarded to some students.

“As usual, after the results of the exams are published, we take two months to recheck and correct the errors because we always use a system where errors are possible,” she said.

She promised to deal with complaints that are officially filed by students.

A TVET student who preferred anonymity, who filed a formal complaint, hopes his problems will be resolved and he will receive the right grades.

“I filed my complaint because I believe the grades I received do not reflect my actual performance,” he said.

He claims to have always performed well in school, which is the case of some of his colleagues who have the same problems.

As of Nov. 24, at least 1,000 candidates had filed complaints protesting the grades awarded to them by the National Examination and School Inspection Authority, the authority said.

These include 533 candidates from S.6, 376 from TVET and 18 from TTC.