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The Saudi company Captain Fili Marine Adventures offers unique and sustainable marine tourism

JEDDAH: A new Saudi company aims to become a premier destination for luxury marine adventures and cruise activities, offering getaways for recreation and sport fishing.

Captain Fili Marine Adventures helps clients plan sustainable and customizable trips to the Kingdom’s Red Sea coastline.

“We try to focus on luxury, so we go above and beyond to deliver that hospitality experience…you’re going to have a unique experience where you know the area, the history, the feeling that there’s nothing has no more stone of no return,” Abdullah Kurashi, co-founder of CFMA, told Arab News.

The company was founded by Abdulrahman Al-Felali, known as Captain Fili, and co-founded by Kurashi after the duo discovered their passion for life on the water.

They hope to make the business something unique by improving the customer experience on deck.

Al-Felali has loved the sea and fishing since he was young. His interest has turned into an extensive experience of 15 years in sport fishing and maritime tourism.

The company’s 42-foot-long vessels, fully equipped with two Mercury 400 engines, can accommodate 12 people on the teak deck, allowing for an intimate onboard experience.

Captain Fili Marine Adventures’ main offerings include a sport fishing package, a modern way of fishing using the latest high-end technology and techniques, on an eight to 10 hour trip.

“Captain Fili Adventures brings a new dimension to sport fishing in Jeddah, a comfortable boat run by guys who know the fish and the waters and do everything they can to make sure you have a great day on the water”, said Mohammad Sahhaf, who joins the crew on a sport fishing trip.

Captain Fili uses local fishing knowledge to spot unique spots and champion sustainable methods.

“The old ways of fishing, people used the hand line and the bait, that’s all. What we do in sport fishing is we use modern equipment like reel and rods, and we use special lines. There are a lot of technicalities involved in sport fishing and many factors you need to consider to get a successful strike (or fish),” the captain told Arab News.

The company promotes the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle, incorporating biodegradable and reusable materials throughout their journeys, minimizing the use of plastic, targeting specific fish species and practicing catch and relaunch.

With sustainability at the heart of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, from policymaking to infrastructure, CFMA is taking the lead at the local level.

One of the most threatening factors to marine environments are commercial fishing techniques, which quite often involve trawling, where a large net is dragged across the ocean floor, disturbing the seabed below.

It also threatens specific species of fish through bycatch, unwanted, useless or unsaleable discarded catch.

A report by Greenpeace found that 640,000 tonnes of ghost gear – waste fishing gear – litters the ocean every year.

“We are very aware of the species we are targeting (when fishing) and we are very aware of the health of marine ecosystems,” the captain said.

“At the end of the day, there are a lot of tools sailors have to use and we’re no exception, but we reuse anything that’s harmful to the environment or don’t use it at all,” Kurashi added. .

CFMA also creates opportunities for people to learn to fish on their own, educating them on proper equipment and teaching them practical techniques in an effort to discourage commercial fishing.

“If you have a lot of people getting their own source of food in a sustainable way, they start appreciating nature even more. It becomes a love and respect for nature,” Kurashi said.

The company also offers customizable half-day leisure trips and 24-hour island-hopping adventures on the Red Sea coast, exposing locals and tourists to the hidden gems Saudi Arabia has to offer. to offer.

“We consider this program to be the ultimate Saudi beach experience. Guests will depart on our boat and visit pristine islands in the middle of the sea.

“Guests can have fun in the sun, stargazing at night, nature, wildlife and many other activities – campfires at night. This program is something we are proud of. This is what sets us apart from other companies,” said the captain.

Other onboard and offboard activities include sunbathing, waterbeds, snorkeling, swimming, water games, scuba diving, in conjunction with an approved dive center, and music.

CFMA also collaborates with local talent to bring lively and sumptuous experiences from land to sea. One of their trips featured Jeddah-based DJ VoidKid who spins melodic house music.

The real appeal of these journeys is the complete exhilarating experience for body and soul.

“When our customers come on a trip with us, we make sure to satisfy their five senses; they would see beautiful places, smell the fresh sea air, smell the water when they swim, taste the freshest catch ever, hear the sound of waves and birds – that’s what we we are focusing,” said Captain Fili.

Saudi actor Aziz Garbawi told Arab News about his experience: “The boat trip was incredibly beautiful, especially when we went to this small island, it was crazy. Abdullah did a great job of managing, organizing , cooking, fishing, swimming…everything was organized in a unique way.I recommend this trip to everyone because it is worth it.”

Ultimately, the two founders hope to grow the industry in the region and pursue their goal of discovering the region’s hidden gems and introducing them to international visitors.

The company is also expected to operate activities during the 2022 World Cup which will be held in Qatar.

“We want the market to grow because we want more people to come to the world. The better the market, the better off we are. We are very proud to be spearheading many advances in tourism maritime, but we are more than happy to see it growing all around,” Kurashi said.