‘Shiksha O Tripura’, a short film about the modern education system in Tripura, has been released

A short film on the modern education system in Tripura was released on Monday.

The film shot was titled – Shiksha O Tripura.

The recently released short film shows the development of the modern education system in Tripura since its merger with India.

The short film was made by Barsha productions and directed by Biswajit Das.

Cast: Pranab Kr Nath, Satirtha Debnath, Sourajit Acharjee, Gopal Baishnab, Bikram Das, Kanika Chakraborty, Kundanika Chakraborty and Samir Debnath.

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The short film was released for free on YouTube.

Movie link: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt19399658

Statement from the directors of the short film:

“Tripura was a princely state and the Maharaja honored personalities in the field of literature like Rabindranath Tagore, who wrote the national anthem of India.

Maharaja Bir Chandra Manikya, in 1890, created the famous school – Umakanta Academy, which trained personalities, who later excelled in various fields.

Decades have passed since Tripura merged into the Republic of India and Tripura’s education system has soared since then.

Former state governments laid the foundations of the modern education system in Tripura and worked to develop new infrastructure for educational institutions by demolishing old buildings.

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During the era of previous governments in Tripura, the state also achieved the highest literacy rate in the history of the state.

In 2018, the current government came to power and with it came the hope of improving the standard of living of the people of the state.

The current government of Tripura, since its formation, has specifically focused on the development of school education.

Education Minister Ratan Lal Nath, a pioneer in school infrastructure development, works around the clock.

Over the 4 years of the tenure of the current government of Tripura, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the normalcy of life in the state.

The education sector has been hardest hit, limiting students’ access to education in the classroom and at school.

But the current government of Tripura has tackled the situation by introducing various programs such as streaming courses collaborating with various media channels.

In the recent past, the current government of Tripura has taken the initiative to transform the secondary education of Tripura council in line with the secondary education of central council for the sake of the students of Tripura considering all the shortcomings of the Continuation of previous advice.

As students will now be able to compete under the national education standard.

The first step towards transforming the TBSE counseling-based school into the CBSE counseling was to design and introduce the NCERT-based curriculum, which is the very foundation of the revolution to impact thousands upon thousands dollars in the years to come.

The other revolution is the introduction of a centralized questionnaire where the question will be set by a centralized committee and the questionnaires will be distributed in the lengths and breaths of the state.

The state has also offered vocational training to enrich the additional skills needed to meet the future challenges of competing globally.

The government has also facilitated and equipped classrooms with projectors through ICT projects by upgrading classrooms.

The 100 Vidyajyoti Schools inaugurated by the Honorable Prime Minister have boosted education by providing education with updated technologies and special educators and all other facilities to compete with national level students, the Center has provided a funds of Rs 500 crores for this project.

Pre-primary classes in 88 schools will also enrich education by developing the student base that will help them in future classes.

The Vande Tripura channel, a channel dedicated to education, is also a government initiative to support all students who have not been able to attend schools during the pandemic.

The recently established National University of Forensic Sciences offers another horizon of education for students who can excel in this field.

A large number of GT and PGT faculties have been recruited to provide the best guidance and education to students.

A good number of assistant professors and lecturers have been recruited for the colleges over these many years. »