Significant Changes to Singapore’s Education System to Inspire the Joy of Learning

We agree with Dr. Thomas Lee Hock Seng that we should cultivate the joy of learning in our students (Don’t Take the Pleasure of Learning, September 14).

The goal of the Ministry of Education (MOE) is to develop children holistically and ignite their passion for lifelong learning.

We have made significant changes to the education system in recent years to achieve this. These include the reduction of mid-school assessments and the abolition of mid-year exams, allowing more time for students to explore and develop their interests.

Other changes – such as the implementation of comprehensive subject allocation and the expansion of ability-based admissions to post-secondary institutions – have opened more doors for students to access multiple pathways that meet their different skills and interests.

Collectively, these efforts aim to help our children develop their own strengths and a lifelong learning mindset, which will put them on a better footing to thrive in a changing world outside of the classroom, and allow them to forge their own paths to success.

Our teachers and schools are working hard to celebrate the diversity of abilities and talents of the next generation and teaching students to embrace broader definitions of success.

However, they cannot do it alone. They will need the support and understanding of parents and wider society to really change mindsets.

MOE will continue its efforts to partner with parents, industry and the wider community to achieve this goal.

Tan Pei-En (Sir)
Divisional Director, Planning
Ministry of Education