Teacher in Mexico goes viral for sex ed class

A TikTok video of a teacher in Mexico recently started trending for the hilariously clever way he showed his students the correct way to put on a condom during a sex ed class.

The video, posted by Alberto Lopez Medina (alberto_lm24) and titled ‘Sex Education in Mexico’, shows teacher Antonio Guzman standing in front of his class demonstrating how to fit a condom-like fabric sheath over the body of a student volunteer. .

During the demonstration, Guzman rolled the liner onto the student and explained to others in the class how different everyone’s body would look when he put it on.

“Some lean back, some lean forward, and some lean to one side,” Guzman said as he adjusted the covered pupil into different positions. “What you see is a level four erection!”

TikTok users had a lot to say about Guzman’s skills as a sex educator. “Honestly this is the way to do it,” wrote one viewer. “These kids will never forget because it was such a fun experience for them.”

Another TikTok user said “a sense of humor is always vital when teaching these subjects,” while another wondered how a lesson like this would go in an American school. . “If this happened in the United States, parents would take to Facebook and Twitter to cancel school or some BS.”

Guzman himself was one of more than 10 million people who had viewed the video since it was posted last weekend. He thanked Medina for making it available to everyone. “Thanks a lot, [Alberto],” he wrote. “Cheers!” Medina replied, “Thank you so much for such a good explanation. The truth is very entertaining and understandable.