Teachers are the ‘foundation of our education system’, says President Sheikh Mohamed

President Sheikh Mohamed on Wednesday praised the work and dedication of teachers, who play an important role in the future of the United Arab Emirates.

On World Teachers Day on Twitter, Sheikh Mohamed said, “Dedicated teachers are the foundation of our education system and will be at the forefront of its development.

“On World Teachers’ Day, we recognize the vital role teachers across the UAE play as they guide and shape the next generation who will drive our future progress.”

At a Qasr Al Bahr Majlis in Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohamed addressed education professionals across the country, stressing the vital role that quality education and dedicated teachers will play in the future of the Emirates United Arabs.

Sheikh Mohamed stressed the importance of teachers’ influence in guiding students on the right path to grow and develop their ideas, especially at the start of their schooling, the official Wam news agency said.

He said teachers have a major responsibility in molding young minds and protecting them from influences that could disrupt their future.

Sheikh Mohamed reiterated the UAE’s commitment to investing in education to ensure that future generations will be equipped to take the country forward.

He recalls a meeting he had with the late Lee Kuan Yew, former prime minister and founder of modern Singapore.

Lee said his government had focused on building a strong education system for 25 years, creating a foundation for the country’s future progress and development.

Sheikh Mohamed said education in the next 20 years will determine how far countries will progress in terms of development and civilization.

New councils involving teachers

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, vice president and ruler of Dubai, said on Wednesday that teachers and school leaders will have a say in education decisions.

In a tweet on World Teachers’ Day, Sheikh Mohammed said the Emirates Schools Establishment, the public schools regulator, has been tasked with forming advisory committees comprising teachers and headteachers.

“Today we asked the Emirates School Establishment to form a teachers’ council and a school leadership council to involve them in the decision-making process in the field of education,” said- he declared.

“Our confidence in them and their wisdom is great. And our leadership team’s role in advancing education will not be complete without them. »

In a separate tweet, Sheikh Mohammed thanked the teachers who have helped shape generations of people and taught them the difference between good and evil.

“Without them, we would not have written the letters of our lives,” Sheikh Mohammed wrote.

“Without them, our countries would not have advanced in science. Without them, our generations would not have known good from evil and good from evil.

“Thank you to all the teachers. Thank you to the owners of the sacred message and the greatest national mission.

Earlier, Sarah Al Amiri, Minister of State for Public Education and Future Technologies, thanked teachers for their “heroic work” in nurturing the next generation.

“Dear teachers and educators, on Teachers’ Day, I would like to express my gratitude to you for the heroic work you do every day,” Ms Al Amiri tweeted.

“You shape our future by enriching our present.

“Thanks to your courage, our students learn to persevere and thanks to your dedication, they learn to become active members of society.

“Through your knowledge, they shape an understanding of the world around them. Thanks for all you’ve done !”

The United Arab Emirates announced in May a reshuffle of the Ministry of Education, with new ministers chosen to improve education at all levels.

In June, ministers presented a plan to overhaul public schools, investing in teachers and encouraging parents to get more involved in teaching their children.

There will also be a renewed interest in math and science taught in English from an early age, ministers told a press conference in Dubai.

Updated: October 05, 2022, 4:54 p.m.