The ambitious goals of Vision 2030 have contributed to the strengthening of the education system: Dr. Al-Sheikh

LONDON – Education Minister Dr. Hamad Bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh highlighted the forum’s role in creating a global educational community that seeks to discuss the best ways to jointly build stronger, better and bolder education. , and how to achieve a more sustainable future for local societies.

Dr Al-Sheikh made the comments during the presentation of his country’s speech titled: “Learning from Challenges”, at the opening session of the World Education Forum here on Monday.

Dr. Al-Sheikh hailed the ambitious goals of his country’s Vision 2030 to strengthen the education system, prepare future generations of highly skilled and knowledgeable young people who embody national values ​​and identity, qualify students to they actively participate in the global community, preparing for future employment and helping them realize the full potential of human capital.

He indicated that the Ministry of Education has adopted strategic reforms that improve learning outcomes as well as the response of the education system to future labor market needs, in addition to careful planning and decision-making. evidence-based decision making, and developing benchmarks to identify key challenges. and policy responses.

Dr Al-Sheikh spoke about Saudi Arabia’s experience dealing with the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic which has cast a shadow over education services around the world.

He added that the Kingdom was no exception but quickly adopted alternative plans to support continuity of education while mitigating potential risks of learning losses.

He noted that despite these challenges, the education reforms in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the investments made by the Kingdom before the pandemic spread have laid a solid foundation for the ministry in responding to the crisis. , which was treated as an opportunity to accelerate reform. efforts.

The Minister also reviewed the most important features of the Kingdom’s success in e-learning and distance education, noting that the Ministry of Education has supported the continuity of education through a transition towards distance education to mitigate the unprecedented impact of the pandemic on education, through the establishment of the “Madrasati Platform for Distance Education”.

This has benefited more than 6 million students and provided synchronous and asynchronous learning, in addition to the launch of 25 educational channels covering all stages of education from kindergarten to high school, as well as the creation of the ” Rawdati interactive learning platform for young children’ and digitization of learning content. — SPA