The boss of the Ministry of Education moves to the office of the DG

Cetonya Cacho

(CNS): Chief Officer Cetonya Cacho is moving to a new position in the Deputy Governor’s office, which has been described as a strategic operations position, where she will start in the area of ​​policy and strategy development to ensure the effective operation of the Child Safeguarding Board. She will also be responsible for identifying and coordinating activities across the public service that “drive innovation, collaboration and the achievement of government priorities”, officials said.

Cacho will also lead efforts to improve the timeliness and quality of responses to key governance and management recommendations from the Office of the Auditor General and the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee.

“As Head of Strategic Operations, Ms Cacho will join a busy and high-performing team,” CEO Franz Manderson said in a press release on the transfer. “His skills, competencies and experience gained as CEO will enhance the capacity of my office and ultimately help our team deliver a variety of key strategic projects and services across the public service. .”

The statement said that earlier this year, Cacho had expressed a desire to work beyond education and use his skills, knowledge and experience in projects across the public service. .

Cacho said her entire career in public service has been dedicated to education and over the past two years she has invested a lot of personal time in the ministry.

“This was in an effort to keep our children safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, learning loss was minimized and our students were able to make significant progress when they resumed learning in the classroom. I am proud of the education response at the height of the pandemic and as we continue to manage COVID in our community,” she said.

Cacho’s transfer takes effect Friday, July 1, and Deputy Chief Executive Lyneth Monteith will act as Chief Executive of the Department of Education.

See the full press release here.