The Department of Education determines the score distribution methodology

Doha: The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has clarified in a circular addressed to heads of public and private institutions that apply national standards in Qatar the methodology for distributing student grades for the first academic class 2022- 23.

This is based on ministerial decision No. 2 regarding the academic calendar of the same year, due to the absence of a mid-term exam for the first semester with regard to grades 1 to 11 for day schools, account given the exceptional circumstances of this year.

According to the decision stated in the circular and based on the requirements of the public interest, the total of the grades assigned to the first, second and third class of day schools for the first semester of the year 2022-2023 is 40, of which 20 Points will be spent on assessing student performance in the first half of this course. The degree of student evaluation for this period is calculated from August 21 until September 29, in accordance with the evaluation tools set out in the circular which include short class evaluations, participation, in addition to activities from the program.

The circular adds that schools should start tracking student scores on the National Student Information System (NSIS) public service portal in the same designated slot, and issue certificates for the same. period mentioned.

In addition, it has been decided to award 20 marks to further assess student performance during the second half of the first semester, during which the student’s mark will be calculated for this period from October 2 until at the end of the first semester exams. semester on November 6. However, the distribution of grades is carried out on the basis of the approved assessment tools and in accordance with the assessment policy determined by the circular.

As for the second semester, the total of designated grades is 60, and the distribution of grades will be to both the mid-term exam and the end-of-semester exam in accordance with the policy of assessment approved and applied. However, with regard to classes from 4 to 11 (Day) the total score awarded is 40 to be then distributed on the basis of the assessment tools determined by this circular. The student’s assessment score is calculated for this period from August 21 to September 29.

Schools should similarly embark on tracking students’ NSIS scores in the same designated time slot and issue the certificates for the same mentioned period.

However, with respect to the second academic class, the total of designated grades is 60, and their distribution should be made over the semester of the second semester, the work of the second semester and the final examination of the second semester, in accordance with the approved and enforced rules. evaluation policy.

In accordance with the circular, schools must issue report cards and school certificates of pupil performance for all day classes from 1 to 11 for the 2022-2023 school year, while classes from 1 to 11 at home and in adult education, the distribution of scores will be for the first and second class, including the second round. This is in addition to tracking grades and issuing certificates accordingly, based on the assessment policy applied in this regard.

For day, home and adult classes, distribution of marks will be for the first and second semesters, control of marks and issuance of certificates will be in accordance with the approved and enforced assessment policy.