The digitization of the country’s education system must accelerate: Mustapa

I READ: The digitization of the country’s education system must progress at a faster pace, the Minister told the Prime Minister (Economy) Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed(pictures).

He said this was necessary to adapt to the current situation and the needs of the industry which needs highly qualified workers.

He noted that the passage of time was now dynamic and that sometimes the skills possessed by the labor force were no longer suited to the needs of the industry, forcing employers to offer low wages.

“The issue of higher salaries is important, but it must be in line with the improvement of skills that people must have according to the needs of the industry.

“Investors coming to Malaysia need highly skilled workers and this is the way (greater digitization) to ensure higher wages. We need to train young people to be highly qualified and of high quality in the required fields and this will certainly ensure that they get high salaries,” he told reporters after presiding over a tourism infrastructure project in Bukit Salor, here today.

Prior to this, the media had reported that Malaysia’s position in the middle school years reflected a lack of skills among local workers, resulting in low wages offered by employers.

Further commenting, Mustapa said that digitization in the education system is now being implemented continuously in primary, secondary schools, vocational colleges and universities to improve the skills of the people.

“What’s important is that the changes need to be in step with the current situation as it is dynamic, changing rapidly based on the needs of the industry.

“The government is always making changes to the national education system through the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Human Resources to improve people’s skills to get opportunities job,” he said.Bernama