The education system is not responding to labor market demands – Dr. Bandula Gunawardana

Employees of Children of Lake House, who performed exceptionally well in the 2020 Year 5 Scholarship Examination

Media Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardana said on Monday that the country’s education system is not providing manpower to meet labor market demands.

As a result, the youth who come out of free education are starting to sow the seeds of hatred in society,” the minister said.

Minister Dr Gunawardana was speaking at the congratulation ceremony for the children of Lake House employees who achieved outstanding results in the 5th grade scholarship exam in 2020 at the premises of Lake House.

The children received gift boxes from the minister at the ceremony hosted by the Lake House Benefit Fund.

Media Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardana presents an award

The leadership of the ANCL led by President Anusha Palpita was present.

The minister, while lamenting the exam-centric education system in the country, said Sri Lanka is the only country where 5th graders are under unprecedented pressure from parents and teachers.

“Many students pass the exams but fail in their lives due to the exam-centric education systems in the country,” the minister said.

“There are a lot of educated young people in the country, but they don’t have the qualifications to meet the labor market demand,” said Dr Gunawardana, adding that the country’s education system is not producing a workforce. to respond to labor market demands.

The minister said the country is facing two insurgencies because of this situation.

“These young people stormed their teachers’ houses, made them kneel in front of them and killed them. They collect identity cards and engage in violence,” Minister Dr Gunawardana said.

Technology flow

The Minister gave a brief overview of how he introduced the technological component in the school and university system. He said schools are being equipped with Mahindodaya labs to lead the country on the path of information technology.

We are succeeding in providing more computers to schools and promoting students’ computer literacy,” the minister said.

He added that India earns more than US$200 billion a year from strengthening IT education and Sri Lanka can also gain from the sector by strengthening it.

Dr Gunawardana said that no country faces this type of situation.

The minister said that the 5th graders had lost their childhood because of the scholarship exam.

The father of free education, Dr. CWW Kannangara introduced the fifth year scholarship program for the selection of less privileged students to provide them with scholarships to further their education.

He said that today’s 5th grade scholarship exam is used to guarantee children a popular school. There are three systems for determining a student’s grades.

Grades are also determined by the number of scholarships awarded by the government. He said no one knows how cutoff grades are determined by education officials.

Minister Dr. Gunawardana said journalists have a responsibility to raise public awareness on how grade 5 scholarship grades are determined by the Examinations Department.

Journalists from media institutions should ask the Exams Department and the Department of Education about how they set cut-off marks for each school and who gave them the authority to do so.

Journalists and parents should ask themselves how cut marks are determined and if there is a scientific method to make such a determination,” he said.

Minister Dr Gunawardana said he believed there were many irregularities, biases and inequalities involved in the process.

He said educators consider a student who gets one-third of the total marks on an exam to be deemed to have passed.

There are two papers for the 5th year scholarship exam and students who score more than 70 points are considered to have passed the exam.

“Parents had started punishing students who had lower grades in the 5th grade scholarship exam,” he said.

Certificate of passage

He said that as Minister of Education, he had managed to set up a mechanism to send a certificate of achievement to all scholarship students who obtained 70 points to avoid this situation in the country.

The minister said that more than 80% of students pass the 5th year scholarship exam every year.

“I was able to make the 5th graders feel like they didn’t fail. The impression of winning was instilled in their minds by issuing this certificate through the Department of Examinations. More than four million students take three key exams organized by the Department of Examinations. Lake House has made an immeasurable contribution to the advancement of the country in terms of economy, politics and society,” the Minister said.

“Lake House has been fulfilling its social responsibilities towards the betterment of society since its inception,” Minister Dr Gunawardana said.

Anusha Palpita, Secretary of the Ministry of Media and President of the ANCL, said that the Minister of Media, Dr. Bandula Gunawardena, had done a valuable service to the education sector by establishing the Mahindaodaya Laboratories.

He said thousands of students are benefiting from the flow of technology introduced into universities. “I was among thousands of students who were taught by Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardana,” he said.

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